In today's Globe & Mail, there's a bit about this year's Brier (Canadian Men's Curling Tournament) and how the skips are unhappy with the inconsistencies of new rocks purchased from a Scottish company. They're calling them 'Rogue Rocks.'


Hi-yo, me again. If you need to fill a little time today, this Kieron Pollard (West Indies) catch to prevent 6 against Australia is quite stunning. If I'm honest, The Windies would have had a tough time outclassing the Aussies in an ODI (one-day match) but this is a brilliant effort by one of the game's best talents.

France Football Magazine has published their most recent issue claiming that the Qatar 2022 World Cup is rigged; no shit. I've not read the main piece yet, but here was an English blurb I caught this morning. If none of you can read French, I'll need $100, my name on the masthead and 20 minutes on Anderson Cooper to…